RCT2.com Site Charter Released 07 May 2002

RCT2.com aims to be the unofficial web site of choice for the game Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. It will be run by fans of RCT2 for fans of RCT2.

RCT2.com is a 'not for profit' site. None of the staff or owners will earn any money from it.

However, the owners of RCT2.com pay for the site to be hosted, and the more popular it becomes, the more the owners will have to pay.

To try and recover these costs, the site will contain advertising banners, and find affiliates that will earn RCT2.com royalties. But, there will be NO advertising 'pop-ups' on RCT2.com.

In line with the aim to be a site BY fans FOR fans, then IF advertising and royalty income exceeds the running costs of the site, any profit will be returned to site visitors through competition prizes.

Competitions that award prizes will be suitable for all. You will not need to be a 'hacker' to enter the prize competitions.

RCT2 hackers will be welcome though. We want to encourage everybody to submit to forums and articles to RCT2.com knowledge 'ShareNet'. Articles or information that describe how to make illegal copies of the game will not be hosted at RCT2.com.

The overall site content will be suitable for the target age range of the game, expected to be age 3 upwards. The site will be run in line with US Government COPPA guidelines. For example, all forum members must confirm that they are aged 13 or over.

In the overall spirit of the site, this charter is public domain. Adapt it and use if for your site if you wish, but please acknowledge the original http://www.RCT2.com source.